Thursday, March 20, 2008

Underage Drinking, with the parents permission when did this become the social norm?

While hanging out with Zack and his friend Aj. I asked them what they did this past weekend and to know surprise to me again it was drinking! Now I know that I was no angel in my day but, I do know that I wasn't always drinking every weekend. not at the age of 17. So of course I ask the same questions, where did you drink, where did you get it and why? And while the tow last questions usually differ the question of where did you drink is usually the same. aj's girlfriends house. So usually I just leave it at that and call it a day but, I wanted to know where this mother was at and if she was married. the nosy questions. Aj was a little reluctant but, then said that her mom is single and is constantly going out on dates and doesn't care if they drink just as long as they stay there and then to my amazement he then told me that she usually buys it for them? what? buys it for them, when did this become the social norm? someone tell me when this happened! anyways I am coming to realize that obtaining alcohol is extremely easy at age 17 which is very odd to me and drinking is all these kids want to do on the weekends and it doesn't matter what it is bourbon, maddog, something called 20/20. alcohol I have never heard of but apparently you can get "fuc**d up for 5 dollars by buying this 20/20 concoction. Amazingly enough I assumed that maybe it was just a high school thing and that being in college getting "fuc**d up" wouldn't be the goal for the whole week but boy oh boy was I wrong as I read on Brittany's myspace and pics I believe 130 of them that were all about people getting drunk and passing out with the picture album saying "my weekend". Her and her friends were completely blitzed (drunk) and her fiance was half naked in a lot of them. sure they looked like they had a good time and they all stayed in and didn't leave after they started drinking but, does that make it right? Both brittany and zack are underage and are drinking on the weekends regularly and yes they seem to be "responsible" (and I say that loosely) while they are drinking but, parents neither of them in this case theirs are enabling these children to "act" the part of being adults by providing them alcohol! When did this become the social norm? Does anyone know?

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Is there a baby on the way for Brittany?

Well after dealing with the very open conversation of sex with zack a few days later I got numerous calls from Brittany my other informant and also fiance to my little brother. the messages were scary like something was very wrong. Brittany thought she was pregnant! Oh my God I thought to myself. You are only 18! I am going to kill them (britt and my brother). After getting my emotions under control I called her and asked her how she knew, why when all those "mom" type questions I guess. She told me she took a pregnancy test and two lines appeared but one was very faint. not knowing much about these things I looked up on the computer what type of test it was and what two lines meant and the information that I recieved said that even if the lines are faint that mean pregnancy. She sounded very upset and I tried to calm her down and tell her everything would be fine. I asked her what my brother said and she said that he freaked out said that she did it on purpose to trap him and he wasn't ready for a baby and then left. (that lil shit, if I was there I would of whooped his ass, trap her is he serious he is the one that put an engagement ring on her finger!) After my moment, I told her to buy another test and call me back she did and that one came out negative? Then I began to think is she doing this for attention? I don't get how come I am more upset then her? Something isn't right here. 30 minutes ago she is crying and upset and now she is like oh I guess I am not maybe I am well I will just call you later I am about to go out with my friend? what? ok I said whatever. A few days pass and she called to say she was pregnant again and my brother won't talk to her and asking me will I talk to him. I reluctantly agree as I am angry at him for not being a man and playing the child road after he supposedly knocked her up. he says that she is acting weird and wont let him see the pregnancy test. that is weird I thought so I told him to buy one tell her he was sorry and take it together. she refused which was making me angry and so finally my brother got her to take it. It was negative and finally she confessed to saying she was pregnant for attention because he wasn't paying her any mind! what!!!!!!!! She is crazy they both are and at 18 are still to young to be having sex because neither one of them is ready to handle the responsibility of having sex a baby. it is quite obvious to my lil baby brothers behavior and brittanys crazy thinking that a baby even an imaginary one would solve their problems. boy of boy what am I going to do with her......

Birds and Bees to Flocks and Swarms

Both of my informants Brittany and Zack love to talk about sex! This was a little hard for me as I would never talk to anyone that was older then me about sex and not to mention the fact that Brittany is my younger brothers fiance,but whatever or (whatev) I went with it. Zack told me that he lost his viginity last christmas break to a girl that he met in the poconos. He remembered her first name and the fact that it was in the poconos but the was about as much as he could remember about his first time. Zack told me that sex really is not a big deal in high school and that everyone is doing it.( i've heard that about a million times on commercials about drugs lol). His goal isn't so much "getting ass" but it just comes naturally for him. He doesn't believe in girl friends but likes the idea of "jumpoffs" which are girls he can call to "hang" out with whenever which is code for sex. he said it makes his life a lot less complicated and lets him concentrate on school, work and his band. He doesn't want a girlfriend because it takes to much time and having a jumpoff means he gets his needs met and everyone is happy and can go back to doing whatever it is that they do. Wow that was really interesting and it took everything in my power to not knock him on the head like those v-8 commercials but I got through all the anxiety and embarrassment that the sex conversation was giving me and after all that he was like wanna order a pizza! weird but boy oh boy I thought that conversation was hard little did I not know what was in store for me later in the week when brittany called me to tell me she thought she was pregnant..... to be continued.........

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wow Zack is Just Full of Stories!

Wow my informant Zackary might be the gold at the end of the rainbow. That boy has no shame in telling me EVERYTHING he does. He text me on Saturday and asked me to call him around 2am! I called him to make sure that he was ok and he was so hammered I couldn't even understand him. He is a very popular junior in his school and went to his first senior party. the parents were not home and the party was located on a farm. according to him there were kids ridding horses half naked and making giant human pyramids while other kids ran into them to knock it down. luckily no one was hurt and he had a dd ( designated driver). he sent me a video of people doing bongs with the text I won! Wow he is crazy and the reason he drank was because it was available and free! I could write a book on this informant! k keep you posted on his next adventure!

OK I Think I Got It Under Control!

Finally I sucked it up and apologized to Britney (even though she was wrong). We are on good terms now and have worked out a way where it is less embarassing for her to tell me what is going on in her life. she is just going to e-mail me and we will e-mail each other back questions for a little if it is something that she really doesn't wanna tell me about on the phone. however that has yet to happen. she really shares a lot on myspace and through her own blog. so it is really easy for me to ask her questions because she throws all her business out there. I am learning that her fiance (my brother) is a lil pervert! that is a lil gross but whatever I chose her as my informant so some information I am just going to have to write down and forget it! I am really glad that she has come around and began opening up to me! If gives me a sense of relief. So for now everything is good on the home front. lets keep our fingers crossed!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Good informant Bad informant

Well I am not sure why I am having such an easy time with my informant zack and such a hard time with my informant brittany? I am connecting with Zack and have been trying to make the connection with britt yet she wont return my e-mails or calls I think if i dont hear anything from her by thursday it is time to recruit a new informant! what do you think?

Monday, February 11, 2008

I Have My Informants!

I have my informants 17 year old male Zack who is a junior in high school and 18 year old female Brittany a freshman in college! They are complete opposites and I am very excited to start my field study with these two individuals!